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gainput::InputPlayer Class Reference

Plays back a previously recorded sequence of device state changes. More...

#include <GainputInputPlayer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InputPlayer (InputManager &manager, InputRecording *recording=0)
 Initializes the player. More...
 ~InputPlayer ()
 Destructs the player.
void Update (InputDeltaState *delta)
 Updates the player, called internally from InputManager::Update().
void Start ()
 Starts the playback. More...
void Stop ()
 Stops the Playback.
bool IsPlaying () const
 Returns if the player is currently playing.
void SetRecording (InputRecording *recording)
 Sets the recording to play.
InputRecordingGetRecording ()
 Returns the currently set recording.
const InputRecordingGetRecording () const
 Returns the currently set recording.

Detailed Description

Plays back a previously recorded sequence of device state changes.

In order for input recording to be available, Gainput must have been built with GAINPUT_ENABLE_RECORDER defined.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InputPlayer()

gainput::InputPlayer::InputPlayer ( InputManager manager,
InputRecording recording = 0 

Initializes the player.

managerThe manager to receive the device state changes.
recordingThe recording to play, may be 0.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Start()

void gainput::InputPlayer::Start ( )

Starts the playback.

A recording must have been provided before doing this, either through the constructor or SetRecording().


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